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Your business continuously generates heaps of data and you are likely visualizing it with BI/ERP tools already. However, the complex processes of your enterprise are not accurately captured by graphical tools alone. Statistical Inference and AI will answer the questions that really matter:
  • What is the likelihood that a ceratin customer retains his membership?
  • How can I recognize a supply chain error before it stops my processes?
  • What new products does the market demand and at what cost?
  • What drives the demand for my goods and/or services?
  • What is the projected demand in the coming months?

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Business Intelligence

Learn about your business' customers, processes and drivers of success in an analytically precise manner. Trust in quantifiable models, rather than fallible intuition.

Market Research

Learn which products and specifications are in demand. Discover your target audience, marketing funnel and optimal sales strategies.

Computer Vision/NLP

Teach your computer how to see and read using AI. This technology will help optimize your processes and reduce costs.


Recognize deficiencies in quality during the production process. Discover your weaknesses and error sources.

Predictive Maintenance

Maintain your machines before your chain comes to a halt. Using AI we can predict the likelihood of an error during your production process.


We are happy to assist in your scientific endeavors: Econometrics, Psychometrics or any other empirical work is welcomed.


How we operate:

services-bild1-1 Project Design Data Collection Analysis Interpretation Reporting Maintenance Supplementation

Project Design

glm(solutions) establishes paths to delivering answers to your questions.
The project design process consists of outlining the structure of the problem, establishing the goals and defining the means of achieving them. It poses a crucial step in informing sound analyses and requires careful consideration of each client's individual circumstances.

Data Collection

glm(solutions) provides you with the implementation of a data gathering structure.
Let's get technical. Your business needs a framework that gathers data reliably and efficiently. glm(solutions) will either create an automated process or advise its clients on how to obtain and curate the data manually.


glm(solutions) rigorously analyzes the data subject to your individual needs.
glm(solutions) uses mathematical modelling and machine learning techniques to arrive at meaniningful conclusions for its clients.


glm(solutions) provides you with full translations of the results and their respective, underlying processes.
Statistical output can be very challenging to interpret let alone derive inference from. glm(solutions) will thus fully translate the meaning of not only the results but the road taken as well.


glm(solutions) advises you on how to benefit from statistical output.
glm(solutions) ensures that its clients are informed to make decisions.
We provide reports and updates as required by the project's goals.


glm(solutions) will maintain and work to improve its statistical machines over time.
Many projects involve the creation of an "engine" which continues to produce output as new data arrives. Alternatively, clients may require monthly reporting.
glm(solutions) is equipped to enter into and properly service such long-term commitments.


glm(solutions) offers to supplement existing analyses or advise on data related issues.
Whether you are looking for a second opinion or a hint on how to get started, glm(solutions) is excited to aid your venture.

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  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Inference are useful additions to businesses of all sizes. I want to provide them to you in a reliable and cost-effective manner.

    -Andreas Niederwieser

  • At we are happy to employ the professional services glm(solutions) offers in order to optimize our marketing strategies and platform functionalities. glm(solutions) unites rigorous data analytics with stringent reliability.

  • "It is a pleasure for our team at City78 to work with glm(solutions) on the Retail Location Success Tool (RLST). glm(solutions) has spearheaded key analytical methods critical to the development of RLST and has been essential in bringing the project from its initial concept sketches to a fully-realized, compelling product."